I know some are saying this was a blooper that was left in but unless Norman was purposely dropping the water there’s no way this wasn’t scripted. Watch the way he let’s it go, it’s not accidental.

And while Norman is a goofball do you think he’s going to purposely risk the jug busting open or damaging the prop? Then stalling filming while they find another? Doubt it.

Sorry peeps, but that was Daryl being awko taco! He was flirting in a chivalrous way or trying to make the woman smile. Mission accomplished either way!

Awww Daryl is growing up!

Wiltshire / Shirewilt… Whatevs

So let’s discuss the potential Wiltshire storyline…

In the comics they weren’t there long. If I remember correctly Donna died during this storyline. But… There’s also Andrea and Dale’s first time and Carol and Tyreese share a room which signals a change in their relationship status.

It’s predicted that Tyreese might get Donna’s fate, sadly, since he hasn’t been filming since these scenes were filmed.

So who could get Andrea and Dale’s first time scene??

And what about that next step, sharing a room??

I feel like Abe and Rosita might get the sex scene. I think it’s too early for Caryl, even though I would be fully on board and he might have just got her back from the hospital stuff.

But I really do think Caryl will share a room! Maybe even a bed!! Though I totally see him sleeping on the floor beside the bed.

My personal headcanon is that their first time is in Alexandria. As you will see in my fic Stay with me:)

What are your thoughts?? Anyone??


Caryl Scene #1 (TWD 5X02 - ITALIAN)

I ❤️ this so much!


I worked up my nerve and finally met Melissa McBride. Just like everyone says… she is so gracious and kind. I asked her to sign something for the darling sanjamac and when I mentioned her, Melissa not only knew her name here, she also talked about how great her posts are (I agree!). She was truly, truly lovely. Beautiful inside and out. =)

I don’t wanna say I told you so sanjamac but…. I told you so. Sorry I suck.